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Werner, Eberhard 2017. Rivers and Mountains; A Historical, Applied Anthropological and Linguistical Study of the Zaza People of Turkey including an Introduction to applied Cultural Anthropology.

Çhemi u koy  – Tırkiya de şarê Zazayan sero cıcêraişê de ilmê zonan u antropolociya kerdoğe tebê (tewrê) nasdaena antropolociya kulturele (lehce Varto)

Nuremberg: VTR.  ISBN 978-3-95776-065-4; 29,80€


The structure of this research is built on four chapters. Chapter 1 defines in an extensive way the complexity and context of ethnography from the standpoint of pragmatics. Applied anthropology, as it is introduced in Chapter 1, leads to the main content of this research, a specific people group in Eastern Anatolia. Chapters 2 and 3 are devoted to the practical outcome of anthropological, ethnographic and linguistic research on one of the various people groups in Eastern Anatolia with regard to their wider environment. Chapter 2 deals specifically with the people group around the Euphrates / Tigris headwater. Applied anthropology follows the modern pattern of “science in context” and the concepts of intersubjectivism (Germ. “Intersubjektivät”) and deconstructuralism. For this reason Chapter 3 provides the reader with additional information on the surrounding people groups, their history, and their relation to each other and to the Zaza people in a more general sense (e.g. language, religious influence). Specifics about their relationship to the Zaza are covered in Chapter 2. Such “context” helps to understand recent developments and past struggles. The researcher thereby becomes part of his studies, because he participates proactively in the observation. In Chapter 4 the findings are summed up and comprehensively expressed.

Table of Content

Table of Content -- Tables -- Table of Diagrams -- Abbreviations -- Preface -- Introduction -- 1 Anthropology and Ethnography -- 1.1 Area of Research -- 1.2 Project-Description -- 1.3 Summary -- 2 The Zaza -- 2.1 The People -- 2.2 The Language – Zazaki -- 2.3 The Society -- 2.4 Linguistic and Cultural Liaison - Merdım -- 2.5 The Perception of the World – “Zazaness” -- 2.6 Mother Tongue Issues - Projects -- 2.7 Summary -- 3 Turkey – A Socio-Historical Overview -- 3.1 Turkey and the Diverse Ethnicities -- 3.2 Inside Turkey – Linguistic Considerations -- 3.3 Anthropological-Linguistic Perspective -- 3.4 Christianity and Religious Orientation in Turkey -- 3.5 Kurmanji Kurds, Zaza and the Turkish State -- 3.6 Islam and Turkey -- 3.7 Summary -- 4 Comprising Epilogue -- Appendices -- Index -- Bibliography -- Final Summary -- Detailed Table of Content


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