On this part of the website you will find some excerpts of our work.

Mamesha cover Mahmeşa – Vızêr ra Ewro Istanıkê Zazayan; Zaza Folktales – Then and Now (Narrator: Rosan Hayıg; Redaktion: E. ve B. Werner), 2007. Tij: Istanbul.
"The tales collected in this volume of folktales (...) provide a glimpse into village life in Eastern Turkey and an open window to an understanding of the cultural values that help shape the identity of the Dimli/Zaza people." (Roşêne)

 A Grammar of Dimili, also known as Zaza (Terry L. Todd), 2008 (electronic version).
Terry Todd's research of the Zaza language resulted in a doctoral thesis at the University of Michigan in 1985. The grammar consists of three parts: Phonology, Morphology and Syntax.

 Rivers and Mountains (Eberhard Werner), A Historical, Applied Anthropological and Linguistical Study of the Zaza People of Turkey including an Introduction to applied Cultural Anthropology.

 Zaza – Turkish Lexicon: Turkish – Zaza Wordlist (Rosan Hayıg & Brigitte Werner),Estemol: Tij Publishing House.

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